Buona Festa della Mamma❤️

Happy Mother's Day ❤️

Mom: an almost mythological figure, with a thousand shapes, capable of boundless and endless love.
A person, with limitations and flaws, who has decided to welcome another life into his own, upsetting it.
Sometimes supported by instinct, accompanied by manuals and advice which will then end up gathering dust because experience always goes beyond any guide, a mother finds herself facing new challenges and new emotions that were previously unthinkable every day.
Whether you are taking care of a child born from your blood, an animal adopted after the first glance you exchanged, a teenager with a troubled history that you welcomed to give him a safe haven in the storm, a planting that surrounds you with care and attention... surely you know what we are talking about😉
If you don't feel like a mother yourself, you will however have your mother in mind: the woman who gave birth to you, the woman who raised you, the woman who welcomed you, the woman who supported you in moments of sadness and rejoiced with you in the happy ones... And it doesn't necessarily have to be the same person!
On this Mother's Day we therefore want to celebrate every person who recognizes themselves in this role, support them in the trials they face, cheer their difficulties by acknowledging our gratitude and our affection.
Let's dedicate a hug to them or, if distance forbids it, a thought, filled with our love and gratitude ❤️
Short text on the mother, with photos of the lady and the dog, and photos of two koalas embracing.
How did you Belle Gioie spend this special day?
Team Namastemood