Who we are

Indian city landscape near body of water with mountains in the background.


Trivial phrase? No, it was just like that for us!

It all started right from that first trip, the one during which you realize you have something else inside you, to offer, to discover, to learn and pass on.

That journey that isn't a vacation, that journey where you explore new places, cultures... because you feel enriched, grown up, different.

That journey which is a beautiful training course, not done in class, but inside a hut, a forest, or an Indian family.

That journey that is not always easy, safe, comfortable...

That trip that doesn't guarantee you a salary and a stable future. But...

That journey that moved something inside the three of us: it allowed us to explore our self, improving our understanding of life's priorities and who we really are.

Obviously we have not reached the light, we still have so much to learn... But thanks to Manuel, the "first brave", who started this wonderful journey, the others were also able to experiment and understand what their own path was.

Right from that first trip.

The one from which there is no turning back...

That journey that transforms you into a lifelong traveler and synergistically teaches you new trades, transmits you skills. It enriches you with smiles, stories, traditions and makes you shine inside. With the desire to improve, evolve and never stop exploring and learning.


It is precisely here that Namastemood was born , a project with the intention of making known and introducing the oriental lifestyle, history, colors and traditions into all of our lives. In a modern, vintage, gypsy, tribal, alternative-chic key... In short, a mix of styles, but studied... which we like to define as " the unique style ", because it wants to break away from the usual schemes and canons imposed by society.

He wants everyone to discover their mood, colour, model based on their own personality.

It wants to offer to any gender, figure, ethnic group, of any age, build, character... the possibility of feeling themselves and free.

We want any item of clothing or accessory that our customers, friends, family wear, to bring a smile both outside their daily lives: from the office, to a walk downtown, to an evening, to a ceremony... Both and above all inside each of them. Because, as we always say:

each of us is special and "beautiful", we just need to realize it and want it.


We directly follow all phases of this project, we travel to Asia several times a year for the choice of fabrics, graphics and models that we test, try on and change ourselves.

We collaborate with Fair Trade and family businesses, we are attentive to the entire working process, environments, conditions and we also aim to support their growth and communities.

In fact, we cultivate the desire to broaden our horizons and the development of our business, to also implement support projects , for example for schools and for tools suitable for the training and education of children.

The people we work with have become a second family, we try in every way to support them and they, on the other hand, welcome us into their homes and help us when we are in their land, so we are a great team .

Together with them we create models and designs based on feedback from our customers and on the study and research of increasingly unique products.

We control the construction and finishing to be able to offer quality clothing, jewelery and accessories, respecting the environment, with natural and recycled materials and at a cost that is accessible to all.

Our outlets are traveling stands with which we normally, during the summer, participate in the most characteristic European festivals of music, street artists and much more.

We also have an efficient online shop where you can buy directly with secure payment methods and constant, attentive and dedicated advice.

Finally we wanted to invest part of our work to offer the possibility of having free shipping since we know how important and useful it is for "remote" purchases.

We love listening to the opinion and wishes of those who follow us, both in person and virtually, and we try to meet all needs.

In fact, our priority is the happiness and satisfaction of the CUSTOMER, who we put at the very center of our objectives and who we try to pamper with advice, packaging and offers.

Because there is no better petrol for motor than a customer who writes to us, or says, how happy he is to have discovered and known us.

Anyone can follow us on social channels to be even more in touch with our reality and find out in detail everything about our Brand.

Not only the sale of handcrafted products, made with the heart, with attention to the smallest details... but also everything that is inside and behind the Namastemood World!

Three souls who have endless projects aimed at cultural discovery and integration and who strive every day to bring smiles and colors into the lives of those who have decided to rely on them, or those who don't know them yet.

Furthermore, by following us, you can discover possible Festivals and other events where you can find us, without missing the opportunity to see us in person! Anyone who wants to get to know us virtually or in person will be able to observe our work based on research, study and production, discovering which country the articles come from, following us from the bazaars of the Indian alleys, to the huge markets of the big Asian cities, getting to know the people with whom we share our project, and why not, perhaps by sending ideas for the birth of a next trip!

 "Travel is never a question of money, but of courage"

With love and gratitude,

Team Namastemood