Sei invitata a scoprire il matrimonio indù✨

You are invited to discover Hindu marriage✨

Dearest Beautiful Joys,

this month was dedicated to ceremonies. With the warm season, the hot sun, the clear sky, people can't wait to get together to celebrate the most important occasions.

What better time to celebrate love, in all its forms!

In our travels in India, we have had the opportunity to witness the magnificent wedding ceremonies, of great importance among Hindus.

In northern India it is called Vivaha Sanskar , in southern India instead Kalyanam : but whatever its name, Hindu marriage is a deeply felt and colorful institution.

Depending on the preferences and the economic availability of the respective families of the spouses, both the duration of the celebrations and the choice of organizing or not organizing different ceremonies vary.

For example, before the wedding ceremony, the engagement ceremony can be organized, with the groom's procession at the bride's house.

After the wedding, however, various ceremonies may take place to welcome the bride to her new home.

By law, however, no marriage can be said to be celebrated without the ceremony of the seven turns in the presence of the sacred fire.

There are three main rites and all Hindu weddings have in common:

  • Kanyadaan - is the time when the father gives his daughter in marriage to her husband and the daughter greets the father;
  • Panigrahana - the groom takes the bride's hand, and the joined hands are held near the fire as a symbol of the new union;
  • Saptapadi - is the rite that makes marriage valid. Also called the rite of the seven rounds, it requires the spouses to make seven trips exchanging seven vows, often close to a sacred fire.

Indian brides are beautiful and are presented to future husbands majestically dressed, wearing an embroidered skirt called lehnga or a sari.

The wedding dress is usually red or gold, especially since red is considered auspicious. The veil on the bride's head symbolizes virginity and modesty.

If you have not had the opportunity to take part in a wedding in India, perhaps you have seen some beautiful Bollywood films, where the music and the colors are so intense that they make your head spin!

But if a film can transport us far away, in exotic and lively environments, sometimes only live participation can give us the intensity and spiritual charge that accompany these ceremonies.

Even in Italy, wedding attendees can experience similar feelings!

And you, what do you think?

Tell us about the most exciting ceremonies you have taken part in ❤️

Team Namastemood