Rieccoci sulle ali degli aquiloni di Cervia!🪁

Here we are again on the wings of Cervia's kites!🪁

Namastemood awaits you at the Kite Festival - Cervia

Namaste Beautiful Joys,

we can finally renew our love for national and European festivals by participating in "ARTEVENTO CERVIA", the international kite festival that will fill the sky of Pinarella beach with color and enthusiasm.

An important announcement, for us who love contact with our clients, who we can't wait to see again and get to know.
So here we are again with our feet on the sand and smiles on our lips, with the desire to tell you about us, our travels, our wonderful dresses, but also to listen to your stories, your dreams and your desires.

Cervia offers us the most joyful opportunity to return with our large stand to savor the contact with the people:
from April 21st to May 1st, hundreds of kites from all over the world will put on a wonderful show.
In this 43rd edition of the Festival, the theme will be "We are the Rainbow": just as our travels have taught us, freedom and peace in diversity are universal values, aspirations that make us all brothers.

The fair will allow the lively interaction between arts and cultures from all over the world celebrating the symbolic strength of the rainbow, to promote Peace and sustainability under a sky full of colors (which, as you know, are never lacking in a Namastemood wardrobe😍) .

Kites flying above Pinarella beach.
With these powerful references to the hot topics of current events, the Kite Festival will be a spectacular event which, in addition to kite flying, will present acrobatic displays, exhibitions and insights, night shows, educational workshops.

We point out a couple of dates not to be missed:
on April 25th in the Exhibitions area there will be the 1000 red poppies event, while in the afternoon artists from all over the world will perform in the name of Peace and Freedom in We are the rainbow - Un Cielo Un Mondo .

The evocative Night of Miracles, on April 29th from 9.00 pm, will then offer a show of wind art, music and lights right on Pinarella beach.

Among these colors and strong messages, there will be US, with our clothes, our jewels, but above all our passion and our stories.

We are waiting for you with open arms!

Namastemood stand on Pinarella beach, Cervia.
Team Namastemood