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Short adjustable necklace Amazonite raw and hematite

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Adjustable short necklace with beads in hematite and raw natural Amazonite. Clasp closure.

We want to amaze and be amazed by our creations, which is why we never design usual jewels, but also special and fascinating on a spiritual level.
This necklace with hematite beads and raw natural Amazonite, has been designed, thanks to its natural beads and stones, to give an extra thread of light to our neck and face. It is light and adjustable just to be used as a collar, necklace or softer depending on your liking.

Length: from 46.5 cm to 41 cm.

All Namastemood jewels are handmade by our Thai collaborators and friends, skilled craftsmen who work with extreme care and passion. The stones inserted in the necklace are natural and are not only perfect for illuminating your face, but also important for crystal therapy. Crystal therapy does not want to replace traditional medicine, but it is an additional holistic treatment that wants to support our person by means of the energy released by the stones that allows us to unlock any blocks or limits, protect and instill love, security and strength. Every stone that you will find in our jewelry will be useful and of support to your daily life thanks to the numerous and different benefits for the body and spirit that they possess and that they can instill in your person by wearing them.

Important to know that any purchase in Namastemood will be delivered within 48/72 hours with free shipping. You will receive your jewel inside our elegant and colorful Indian silk bags, an original and handmade packaging like all our articles, which we thought to give you and that our customers love like what they find inside.
Perfect therefore also as a gift to the people you love, or for the one you should love the most: yourself❤️

Characteristics of the stone

AMAZZONITE: la sua colorazione va dal verde chiaro al blu chiaro e assume una lucentezza madreperlacea all’ingrandimento.

Benefits for the physical

Stimola il riformarsi delle cellule a seguito di un malanno o di una lesione
Favorisce l’assimilazione di calcio nel nostro organismo, il che aiuta a rinforzare unghie e capelli, combattendo la caduta dei capelli
Agisce sul sistema nervoso: attenua gli spasmi muscolari
Aiuta a fronteggiare problematiche in generale alla zona della gola
Prevenire le infezioni e le eruzioni cutanee, come anche le vesciche
E' consigliata alle partorienti perché protegge gli organi riproduttivi
Aiuta per disturbi sessuali

Benefits for the mind

Aiuta ad aumentare l’autostima
Aiuta a migliorare la comunicazione con gli altri
Porta a riscoprire il sentimento di speranza in un futuro migliore
Aumenta il senso di libertà
Aiuta a riequilibrare le emozioni oscillanti
Aiuta a superare i turbamenti emotivi
Incrementa la capacità decisionale l’intraprendenza e la conoscenza di sé stessi
Questi sentimenti e una ritrovata forza d’animo facilitano chi è vittima di dipendenze, vizi e depressione

Collana corta regolabile Amazzonite grezza ed ematite Namastemood
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