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Elastic Ring Natural Moonstone and Silver

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Elastic ring with natural moonstone beads and a central 925 silver.

Lovers and promoters of the powers of stones, we can only have rings with these splendid crystals as protagonists.
We decided to make a really particular one, yes, because it is a stretch ring so perfect for all types of fingers. This ring, made by hand, is made up of many beads of natural moonstone, strung in an elastic thread and a central one in Silver 925.

Minimum diameter: approximately 2 cm.

The rings are a perfect symbol of power, energy and protection and wearing it you can feel it too.

All Namastemood jewels are handmade in Silver by our Indian collaborators and friends, skilled craftsmen who work with extreme care and passion. The stones set in the rings are not wonderful for their aesthetics and shine, making your hands elegant and precious, but they are also important for crystal therapy. Crystal therapy does not want to replace traditional medicine, but it is an additional holistic treatment that wants to support our person by means of the energy released by the stones that allows us to unlock any blocks or limits, protect and instill love, security and strength. Every stone that you will find in our jewelry will be useful and of support to your daily life thanks to the numerous and different benefits for the body and spirit that they possess and that they can instill in your person by wearing them.

Important to know that any purchase in Namastemood will be delivered within 48/72 hours with free shipping. You will receive your jewel inside our elegant and colorful Indian silk bags, an original and handmade packaging like all our articles, which we thought to give you and that our customers love like what they find inside.
Perfect therefore also as a gift to the people you love, or for the one you should love the most: yourself/or❤️

NB:The color may slightly differ from the photographs. Natural stones are unique with different veins and shades, thus making each jewel truly special.

Characteristics of the stone

PIETRA DI LUNA: presenta adularescenza, un gioco di riflessi paragonabili alla luce lunare.
Si trova di vari colori bianca, bruna o blu con riflessi chiari.

Benefits for the physical

Aiuta con il ciclo ormonale, porta equilibrio e allevia i dolori mestruali
Aiuta a stimolare il sistema riproduttivo femminile favorendo la donna sia al concepimento sia durante la gravidanza
Favorisce l’eliminazione delle tossine e riduce la ritenzione idrica
Protegge durante i viaggi soprattutto se si tratta di viaggi in acqua e durante la notte

Benefits for the mind

Stimola nella donna il suo lato intuitivo e chiaroveggente
Stimola l’energia della Kundalini, aiuta a rimuovere i blocchi emotivi che impediscono di avere un figlio
Nell’uomo emergerà il suo lato più sensibile e più femminile
Aiuta a schiarare i pensieri per capire
Ha potere calmante ed equilibrante
Aiuta ad esprimersi apertamente senza reprimere le emozioni
Riduce la fame nervosa dovuta a carenza emotiva
Aiuta l’artista a raggiungere la massima espressione artistica
Aumenta l’intuizione, la dolcezza e la compassione
Permette all’individuo di entrare in contatto con il proprio inconscio e di accettare più facilmente i propri aspetti irrazionali
Stimola l’ottimismo
E' la pietra della speranza e della purezza
Libera dai conflitti familiari, fa superare le difficoltà con l’amore e aiuta quando si devono affrontare cambiamenti a non reagire in modo eccessivo ed ansioso
Mitiga gli impulsi aggressivi e migliora il rapporto con la madre

Anello elastico Pietra di Luna naturale e Argento Namastemood
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