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About us

Everything stems from a journey ..

"Travel changes you" we always said it, and in our case it was just like that !! Everything starts from there, from the first trip, what will always remain the best is now a distant but indelible memory. Then the second, with a one-way flight and many questions in the backpack. The sensations are indescribable and unrepeatable. Then it was the turn of the great trips to Asia, months and months through India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and many others, to discover cultures, people and places, where you understand that something has really changed in you. That you would never go back. And it is precisely here that Namastemood was born, a project with the intent to make known and introduce the oriental lifestyle in everyday life, thus combining our passion for travel to work.

We also directly follow all the phases of this project, our stores are itinerant stands with which during the summer we shoot the most characteristic European music festivals, street artists and much more, and an online store where you can directly buy some products or contact me for any other request.

Follow our Facebook page to stay updated on travel and don't miss the opportunity to meet me in person, you can try our articles and discover many news !! While during the winter season you could observe our work on research and production, knowing which country the articles come from, following us from the bazaars in the Indian alleys to the immense markets of big cities like Bangkok, knowing the people with whom we share our project, and why maybe not give birth to an idea for your next trip.

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